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  • Auer Mini Kokoskuppel
    • Made according to a traditional Austrian recipe
    • Only the finest selected ingredients
    • With fluffy coconut and mouth-watering cream
  • Auer Tortenecken
    • Delicate layers of waffles
    • Delicious hazelnut cream
  • Auer Baumstämme Wafers
    • Great tasting wafers with a chocolate filling
  • Auer Fandoro Hazelnut Rolls
    • Enjoy with your afternoon coffee
    • Filled with fine hazelnut cream
    • Take a little break with a little delight!
  • Auer Kokoskuppel
    • Beautifully layered with heavenly cream and fluffy coconut
    • An Austrian baking tradition!
  • Auer Dark Chocolate Orange Baumstämme
    • With a tart orange oil
    • A speciality of the Austrian tradition

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