Dachstein Kaffee - Coffee for Gourmets

High-quality coffee carefully roasted at the foot of the Dachstein

Dachstein Kaffee is an Austrian company that aims to bring you coffee enjoyment at the highest level. The exclusive coffee is roasted at the foot of the Dachstein mountain with careful expertise, patience, time and, above all, a fine palate.

Christoph Hutegger, a passionate coffee lover with international experience and roots in Styria's Ennstal, channelled his hobby into a vocation. The team at Dachstein Kaffee began their journey by selecting the raw beans that go into their fantastic coffee blends.

After many, many roasting tests, the South American coffee bean finally prevailed thanks to its intense and full-bodied taste. The complex roasting process results in unique aromas and exclusive taste.

At Dachstein Kaffee, they roast their coffee beans according to the traditional Viennese method which is perfect both as cappuccino and strong espresso.

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