FRIYA Superfood-Drink with Basil-Seeds - Rose Blossom & Sour Cherry

Fills you up when your tummy starts to rumble!

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • A great snack to tide you over!
  • Lactose-free & vegan
  • Only 34 kcal per 100 ml

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The new Superfood-Drink with basil seeds from FRIYA tastes delicious, promotes overall well-being and is easy to enjoy throughout the day.


  • was developed together with nutrition experts.
  • curbs feelings of hunger whilst having only 34 kcal at 100ml.
  • is free of lactose and vegan-friendly.
  • doesn’t need added sugar – contains natural sugar.
  • comes without preservatives.
  • fascinates with its unique texture and flavour

Friya Basil Seeds: Keep Hunger at Bay!

Basil seeds have long been valued in Ayurvedic tradition for their unique characteristics.

Together with these charming seeds, FRIYA delivers a delicate, delicious sour cherry and rose blossom flavour that keeps away cravings.

There's always time for Friya!

  • As a little power snack before sport or yoga.
  • On the way to the office when there is no time for breakfast.
  • To have a unique moment of joy during the day.
  • Or just simply because it tastes great.
Brands: FRIYA
Product Features: Vegan, Gluten-free
Province : Salzburg


Nutrition Information per 100 ml
Calories 114 kJ / 34 kcal
Fat 0.3g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 0.1g
Carbohydrates 6.9g
- sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars) 6.8 g
Fiber 0.6g
Protein 0.4g
Salt 0,03g

Ingredients: Water, apple extract, 9% Vistula Vistula juice from juice concentrate, 2% lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate, 1.5% basil seeds, acidity regulator calcium lactate, sodium citrate, natural flavor, stabilizer gellan, rose flower extract.