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  • gernekoch Beef Goulash

    gernekoch Beef Goulash 330 g

    • Great spicy taste
    • Beef from Austria
    • From the best regional ingredients
  • gernekoch Goulash Sauce

    gernekoch Goulash Sauce 330 g

    • Tastes great with spaetzle or dumplings
    • Suitable as a side dish or as a soup
    • With the finest regional ingredients
  • gernekoch Chili Con Carne

    gernekoch Chili Con Carne 330 g

    • With a pleasant sharpness
    • Only Regional ingredients
    • Handmade
  • gernekoch Beef Soup

    gernekoch Beef Soup 330 ml

    • Cooked with Austrian beef
    • With the best ingredients from the region
    • Perfect for refining sauces
  • gernekoch Pumpkin Cream Soup

    gernekoch Pumpkin Cream Soup 330 g

    • Only from pumpkins farmed in Austria
    • With regional ingredients
    • Suitable for vegetarian
  • gernekoch Beuschel

    gernekoch Beuschel 330 g

    • From a traditional Austrian recipe
    • Finely cut
    • Classic Beuschel taste

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