Quality is a way of life. And it's very much alive in Austria today.

My dream has always been to create something based on my childhood ideals of beauty and quality. Authenticity, emotional attachment and sustainability are the values driving my start-up eCommerce company.  I'm lucky to have been raised in a family that gave me these values - now I want to share them in everything I do at FROMAUSTRIA.COM.

We work closely together with Austrian companies that produce unique and original products - whether they are well known or not. We want to offer a broad mix of products as well as the stories behind their creation and the people who manufacture them. We want to tell you these stories just as much as we want to introduce you to the wide variety of Austrian products!

We are not afraid to try new things. Exploring the new does not mean that we are forgetting the past. We want to connect the traditional with the new and learn from those who came before us. We do not believe that tradition is simply old and dusty and that everything new is automatically better. The trick, we believe, is to create a meetingpace, combine the established with the unknown, so that both parts strengthen each other and remain exciting. In this we may however be rather strict:  Quality always decides. Why do we take this upon ourselves? We explore, learn, and speak to the producers and customers and continuously question our decisions. Service is paramount to us and we are not afraid of criticism (though it may sometimes sting a little). We want to know what our customers are thinking and look forward to their feedback. We welcome even negative feedback as that helps us to become better.

Welcome to Austria - at FROMAUSTRIA.COM

Zissa Grabner