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Just try them and see with what unusual and tasty varieties Brew Age will surprise you! Choosing a favourite between Malzstrasse, Affenkönig or Hopfenauflauf could prove quite difficult!
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„Time for good beer!"



Spoilt for choice - which of these 3 craft beers should you try first? The refreshing Vienna Lager "Malzstrasse" with the uniqueness of biscuity Vienna malt, subtle hops bitterness and finished with the finest aromatic hops from the Hallertau? Or perhaps the "Affenkönig", an Imperial IPA? With an enchanting colour and taste: fruity notes of grapefruit and maracuya combine with a composition of hops and malt varieties for a fruity tart finish! Or perhaps the "Hopfenauflauf", a pale ale to seduce the senses with fruity notes of mango, passion fruit and citrus fruit with aromatic Citra, Chinook and Centennial hops varieties . The ale is refreshing and hoppy, with a moderate malt body for balance and a fruity-tart finish. Depending on the alcohol content and recipe desired, this taster set has the right beer for any mood! Cheers!

Additional Information

  • Brand: Brew Age
  • Colour: Malzstrasse: Deep golden - amber; Affenkönig: Orange; Hopfenauflauf: Amber - Copper
  • Alcohol Content: Malzstrasse: 5,0% vol.; Affenkönig: 8,2% vol.; Hopfenauflauf: 5,4% vol.
  • Ingredients: All 3: Brewing water, barley malt, hops, yeast
  • Original wort: Malzstrasse: 12,0°P; Affenkönig: 18,6°P; Hopfenauflauf: 12,6°P
  • Bitter units: Malzstrasse: 25 IBU (decent); Affenkönig: 70 IBU (intense) Hopfenauflauf: 35 IBU (moderate)
  • Malt: Malzstrasse: Pilsener malt, Vienna malt, caramel malt; Affenkönig & Hopfenauflauf: Pilsener malt, caramel malt
  • Hops: Malzstrasse: Hallertauer Mittelfrüher; Affenkönig: Amarillo, Citra, Columbus, Galaxy; Hopfenauflauf: Chinook, Citra, Centennial
  • Yeast: Malzstrasse: bottom fermenting; Affenkönig & Hopfenauflauf: top fermenting
  • Type: Malzstrasse: Vienna Lager; Affenkönig: Imperial India Pale Ale; Hopfenauflauf: American Pale Ale
  • Pieces: 3 bottles
  • Shipping Weight: 1,88 kg

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Tasting Set Beer Vienna Lager, Imperial IPA and American Pale Ale


Creativity is king at Brew Age! This travelling brewery has set itself the goal of introducing exceptional beers such as " Hopfenauflauf “ (Hops casserole) or “Affenkönig” (Monkey King) to customers for a refreshing new take. This approach is coupled with the a drive to improve on the best brewing traditions, and opens up a whole new world next to traditional supermarket beers. The high quality is evident in taste and freshness - Brew Age does not use filters, pasteurisation or stabilizing agents! The direct route from the storage tank into the bottle ensures a completely unadulterated and fresh experience. The time for quality beer has come!

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