Beak Pot Gmunden Floral Pattern 0,75l

The beak pot with a Gmunden-style floral pattern is reminiscent of visits at Grandma's and will simultaneously warm up milk and your heart. You can heat up much more than just milk with this enamel pot - the sky is the limit!
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„Each product by Riess is made with honest manual labour. Our ninth generation family-business has been rooted in the region since 1550."



An ode to enamel cookware! Not only that it is a beautiful and highly sought after design, it is also incredibly practical. Enamel is produced from natural materials and eco-friendly, ensures energy-saving cooking through rapid heat conduction and long heat retention, is suitable for all hob types, and easy to clean due to the smooth, non-porous surface. You can literally try to bang it up, because this cookware is extremely cut and scratch-resistant, nickel-free, and with the right care it is also very durable. Heat milk in vintage style from now on and take comfort in the fact that Riess cookware is completely aroma-neutral. Decorated with the traditional designs of Gmundner Keramik, the bulbous pot holds 0.75 litres. The Riess Enamel beak pot is lovingly hand-crafted in the only enamel factory in Austria - love that goes through the stomach and brings summer feelings to the table!

Additional Information

  • Brand: RIESS
  • Material: Enamel
  • Color: Outside: white with design of Gmunden floral pattern; inside; white, green edge
  • Size in cm: 10 cm diameter
  • Care Label: Reduce heat quickly after heating; use gentle glass cleaning program or clean manually with scouring crème and soft sponges/ brushes; fill with water immediately after use and store well dried!
  • Attention: Never heat cookware without any content; use pot- or panholder, because handle and lid become hot very quickly; avoid impact with hard objects and floors!
  • Weight: 320 grams
  • Capacity: 0,75 litres
  • Shipping Weight: 520 g

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Beak pot made from emaille


Together with a blacksmith from Ybbsitz in Lower Austria's Mostviertel, RIESS began making a name for itself as early as 1550. Since then a lot has happened, for example with coveted and high-quality enamel cookware, produced since 1922. During production, Riess uses green energy, which is obtained from three hydroelectric power plants on the Ybbs that provide for Riess' CO2-neutral production. In its ninth generation, the company is the only cookware manufacturer in Austria. Riess is proud of its products and manufactures unmistakable enamel cookware with the greatest love of its craft and manual labour. The classic Riess pots in pastel that emerged 1920-1960 became a part of childhood for so many and are internationally acclaimed cult objects. 35 countries already enjoy Riess tableware, a good reason to keep evolving: In cooperation with dottings design, the Riess truehomeware line with Aromapots (pots), KITCHENMANAGEMENT (storage jars) and Riess EDITION Sarah Wiener (bakeware) was developed. Riess knows how to combine tradition with modernity and delights with cookware reminiscent of yesteryear.

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