Küfferle - Sweet Chocolate Treats from Vienna

On velvet paws...

Childhood memories come alive with Küfferle! Küfferle in Vienna has been producing the famous "cat tongue" chocolates since 1892. Küfferle was also the "inventor" of the chocolate umbrellas, which are very popular in Austria and are a must-have Christmas tree ornament in Austrian homes!

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Küfferle - Traditional Chocolates from Austria

Küfferle, founded in 1892, makes the highly popular "cat tongue" chocolates - much loved by generations of Austrians! They also invented the "chocolate umbrella" which, over the years, has become an indispensable Christmas tree ornament in every Austrian home. Meanwhile, their range has expanded to include chocolate carrots, other seasonal sweet treats and more.

Special features:

  • Very popular chocolates
  • Enjoyed by generations of Austrians
  • Traditional Christmas tree decor