Christian Brandstätter Verlag Plachutta - Viennese Cuisine

Classics and forgotten treasures of Viennese cuisine

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An insight into traditional Viennese cuisine. The combination of traditional delights with modern culinary arts is better explained by no other! For beginners, the cookbook is a wonderful first look at traditional Austrian delights and offers about 170 recipes, just a few basic ingredients can enchant everyone from single to extended family! The best classics and forgotten recipes of Viennese cuisine will be presented in this convincing cookbook in a new refreshing light brought to you by the most talented chefs Austria has to offer, Ewald and Mario Plachutta. Boiled beef, roast meat, vegetarian dishes and, of course, the treasures of the Viennese pastry kitchen make for great delicacies that will succeed with ease!

  • Author: Ewald Plachutta, Mario Plachutta
  • Photographs: Eisenhut & Mayer
  • Number of pages: 288
Marke: Christian Brandstätter Verlag
Bundesland: Wien
Produktarten: Kochbücher

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