Destillerie Farthofer Organic Enzianschnaps

Delightful with its mild taste

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Flowery-grassy touch
  • Light and mild on the finish
  • 40% vol. Alcohol


You do not necessarily have to climb mountains to get to Gentian - the gentian schnapps (known in Austria as Enzianschnaps) with its mild, smooth taste is just as exciting!

The brandy is made from gentian root, which gives it a straw yellow colour. The spirit has slightly flowery-grassy notes and the palate has strong, earthy nuances. The finish is mildly spicy and can be described as mild and soft.

This elegant spirit has 40% vol. alcohol and is available in a 0.35-litre bottle.

Brands: Distillery Farthofer, Destillerie Farthofer
Province : Lower Austria