Hands on Veggies - Revolutionary organic cosmetics from Austria

Hands on Veggies - Revolutionary organic cosmetics from Austria

With the power of regionally grown vegetables

The founders of the young and fresh label Hands on Veggies have made it their goal to use only premium natural ingredients for their products that are good for our body and provide it with vitamins and minerals from the outside. In addition, they strive to make products that achieve exactly the desired effect, whether it is fuller hair with more volume, easier combability or corkscrew curls.

The products are based on beneficial organic fermentation of selected types of vegetables and have two main advantages - they not only nourish the skin and hair but are also naturally long-lasting, thereby making it unnecessary to add synthetic preservatives which could be damaging.

Are you wondering what a pumpkin shampoo smells like?

Don't worry - fermented vegetables such as pumpkin, kale, broccoli or artichoke are complemented by the pleasantly fragrant essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang or violets. Hands on Veggies avoids using foaming agents which are aggressive and can dry out the skin or irritate the scalp: instead, they rely on the mildly cleansing effect of sugar surfactants.

To top it off, all products come in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. Their body care and hair care products are packaged in tubes made of plant-based plastics derived from sugar cane and are recyclable.

Your personal vegetable shelf in the bathroom

The range includes the essentials for daily care:

  • Shower gels and body lotions in different fragrances and with different effects - for dry, tired or sensitive skin;
  • Hair care for every hair type
  • Refreshing organic deodorant sprays without aluminium, alcohol, parabens or other synthetic preservatives.

Recently they have also introduced 5 different types of nourishing organic lip balms with exciting flavours. Weighing in at 7 g each (more than conventional lip balms) and a completely plastic-free cardboard cover as packaging, they are perhaps a game-changer on the market!