Better 4 You - My Special Way by Kelly's

Better 4 You - My Special Way by Kelly's

Nutritious snacking made easy!

Local superfoods

A new trend is now emerging with more importance being paid to local and regional “superfoods". The local superfoods include all types of fruit, vegetables and legumes. The rule of thumb is the more colourful the fruit or vegetable, the better it is. For example, local dark berries can be used instead of acai berries. Herbs, whole grains, nuts and seeds, as well as vegetable oils can also be classified as superfoods.


Kelly's lentil chips, Kelly's chickpea chips, Kelly's 4in1 chips and Kelly's protein chips meet the current nutritional trends of Austrians: New raw materials from the superfood portfolio and innovative production technology create new, exciting products:

Lentil Chips:

For a long time, lentils were considered a poor man's food, but they have experienced a revival in recent years and have become an indispensable part of today's gourmet cuisine. They also make an important contribution as catch crops in sustainable agriculture, as they supply the soil with nutrients. With the new Kelly's Lentil Chips, Kelly offers a crunchy opportunity to enjoy the protein-rich lentil. Lentil chips are gluten-free and the “Spicy with Sea Salt” variety is also vegan. With a protein content of 13%, they are a valuable source of energy and a crunchy delight despite containing 40% less fat.

Chickpea Chips:

Kelly's chickpea chips offer the best taste, with 50% less fat. Baked until crisp and not deep-fried, they are a highlight for every snack gourmet and align perfectly with the current trend towards healthy eating. Kelly's chickpea chips are popped using an innovative production process and thus have a uniquely crispy and airy bite.

4in1 chips:

Kelly's 4in1 Chips offer full flavour, with 50% less fat than conventional potato chips and are baked until crispy and not fried. Lentils, rice, beans and peas are combined in one product and popped using an innovative production process. 100% flavour refined with the completely new variety 'yoghurt cucumber'.

Protein Chips:

A true fitness snack with 60% less fat and 22g protein per 100g - a baked source of fibre! Kelly's Protein Chips, like chickpea chips and 4in1 chips, are made using a popping production method. With the spicy taste of Sweet BBQ Style - the health-conscious BBQ lovers now also get something on offer. The main suppliers for the high protein content of the product are lentil flour and pea protein.

Innovative production technology from Austria

These snacks are an ideal choice for many reasons. They do not need any flavour enhancers, they are only refined with local salt and spices and free of MSG (monosodium glutamate). Kelly's 4in1 Chips, Kelly's Protein Chips and Kelly's Chickpea Chips are produced at their plant in Feldbach, Styria. Kelly's Lentil Chips are produced in Vienna.