Fruity teas by My Herbs

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  • My Herbs Blueberry & Thyme
    • Whole blueberries
    • Fruity and mild
    • Also suitable as an iced tea
  • My Herbs Peach & Rosemary
    • Wonderfully fruity and delicate
    • For hot tea and iced tea
    • Chunky pieces for more flavour
  • My Herbs Raspberry Kiss Tea
    • Fruity and aromatic
    • Great drink at any time of day
    • Extra-large pieces
  • My Herbs Refresh Tea
    • Large chunky pieces
    • Sweet and piquant freshness
    • For bot hot tea and iced tea
  • My Herbs Blueberry & Rose
    • Fruity and floral taste
    • Subtle liquorice note
    • Also tastes great as an iced tea
  • My Herbs Rosehip Tea
    • Tangy-fruity taste
    • Big chunks, fuller flavour
    • A firm favourite on cooler days

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