Stöber Mühle Spelt Semolina

Easier to digest than wheat semolina

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How is spelt semolina different from wheat semolina?

  • A distinguishing feature is that the spelt grains are not exposed to air after harvesting, like wheat, but is naturally packed in its husk. Processing spelt is extremely time-consuming, which is why few mills still process spelt. Processing the spelt involves a complex process where the grains are carefully peeled out of their husks.

Semolina is an intermediate product of the spelt harvest. The spelt grains are sifted through both small and large sieves during the grinding process. The pieces that remain are semolina.

Spelt semolina can be used the same way you would wheat semolina, to make desserts, dumplings or porridge.

Brand: Stöber Mühle
Province : Lower Austria
Product Types: Cooking & Baking Ingredients
Traces of: A - Gluten

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