Stöber Mühle Whole Grain Emmer Flour

Ideal for sweets & yeast pastries

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Emmer is one of the oldest types of wheat. It is perfect for making yeast breads and baked goods or cakes as it gives them a light, airy texture. You can use up to 10% of the whole grain emmer flavour in your bread doughs, as it gives your bread more flavour and a darker colour.

This type of ancient grain makes incredible baked goods. The flour also has a wonderful flavour. We recommend combining your Emmer flour with other types of Stöber Mühle flours, as the flour is not sticky enough to bake bread with on its own.

Due to the naturally gritty structure of the grain, this type of flour is perfect for making noodles, bread, dumplings, cake, pizza and more!

In Italy the flour is served like Polenta and is combined with cream cheese and fresh herbs. The flour can also be used for making side dishes and can be used in stews, risottos, salads and casseroles or made into patties.

Brand: Stöber Mühle
Province : Lower Austria
Product Types: Cooking & Baking Ingredients

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