Hibiscus Mocktail - A Refreshing, Flowery Beverage

Hibiscus Mocktail - A Refreshing, Flowery Beverage

Whether for you, for friends or children - the Hibiscus Mocktail is the perfect soft drink and charms everyone with its delightfully floral appearance. The ice cubes with frozen flowers inside add a special refreshing summery touch - perfect to cool you down on hot days.

Hibiscus Mocktail

The frozen flower ice cubes are the most important component of this drink, so it is best to freeze the ice cubes the day before you plan to prepare the drink.

Ingredients for decorative flower ice cubes:
- Cornflowers
- Ice cube tray

Spread the flowers in the ice cube tray and fill halfway with water. Put the ice cubes in the freezer for about 1 hour. Then take them out and fill the remaining half with water and freeze again for several hours - preferably overnight - until they are completely frozen.

Ingredients for the drink:
- 200ml TSSSCHK… Hibiscus Bergamot Soda / Hibiscus Tea
- 100ml Gin1404 Tonic Water Classic Lemon
- Honey - optional

Mix all ingredients together and add honey to taste if you wish. Take the flower ice cubes out of the freezer and add 2-3 pieces to the drink.
The refreshingly flowery hibiscus mocktail is ready!

Try it out now and charm your guests with the delightful flower ice cubes in the cool Hibiscus Mocktail!