Christian Brandstätter Verlag  The Wachau Cookbook

Classics of Wachau cuisine

  • Personal stories
  • For invigorating cooking ideas
  • Tips for beginners & professionals
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  • Personal stories
  • For invigorating cooking ideas
  • Tips for beginners & professionals


The cook, farmer's wife and native of Wachau, Christine Saahs, loves to cook. All her tips and personal stories that tell about the most beautiful Danube valley - the Wachau - give beginners in the kitchen as well as cooking professionals deep insights for new creations. In their biodynamic agriculture, the right herbs play a big role. As we all know, the difference is in the details and here too the supposedly insignificant ingredients make great taste and lively, invigorating dishes! Recipes from appetisers to dessert, rounded off with a chapter on bread and wine that gives the reader the basics and love of regional delights, make "The Wachau Cookbook" a valuable work of classic Wachau cuisine. Together with the author's memories of the time of her grandparents, parents and herself in beautiful Wachau and her experiences at the family-run Nikolaihof, the oldest winery in Austria, she knows what the unmistakable joie de vivre is and how to pamper guests - a culinary World Heritage Site from the heart of Austria!

  • Author: Christine Saahs
  • Photographs: 90 illustrations
  • Type: Hardcover

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