Natural dog grooming products by Canelo

Canelo is a range of natural grooming products for dogs and is not to be confused with the horse care range "CXEVALO®". Both brands of grooming products for animals are produced by the Stelzhammers, a family business based in Salzburg. A lot of time, money and careful thought have been invested to create these products for discerning dog lovers since 2019. Whether you are looking for a gift or want to pamper your own beloved four-legged friend with a grooming set, these products are modern and young in design and will appeal to dog-lovers who value all-natural animal care products and appreciate beautiful design.

Canelo: 5 products


  • Canelo Grooming Spray
    • For healthy skin and strong fur
    • Without silicones
    • Natural care
  • Canelo Lavender Shampoo
    • Cleans & cares intensively
    • For sensitive dog skin
    • Delicate scent of lavender
  • Canelo Classic Shampoo
    • Thorough cleaning
    • Soap made from coconut oil
    • Without silicones
  • Canelo Paw Balm
    • For supple & healthy dog paws
    • Cares for & protects
    • Not greasy
  • Canelo Brilliant Shampoo
    • For shiny dog hair
    • Without fragrances and silicones
    • Delicate soap made from coconut oil

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