STAUD‘S - Exquisite Fruit & Vegetable Preserves

Delicacies made in Vienna

High-quality, unaltered flavour and exquisite enjoyment - the modern way of life meets tradition at STAUD'S Wien. Handpicked fruits and vegetables are carefully processed according to the strictest quality standards and finally make their way into the iconic octagonal glass jars. Pure natural and wholesome flavour without additives.

Packed to the brim with love!

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STAUD'S Wien - Unrivalled Taste

Enjoy the taste of exquisite preserves by STAUD'S Wien. Made with selected, handpicked fresh fruits and vegetables that are gently processed before being preserved in beautiful octagonal glass jars. Their range includes limited edition varieties made with seasonal, regional fruits, wine jellies, fruit compotes and reduced-sugar varieties. They also offer a wide selection of fine pickled vegetables including asparagus, gherkins, beets and sauerkraut.

Special features:

  • Made in Vienna, Austria
  • The perfect combination of tradition and innovation - traditional recipes made in modern facilities
  • Top-quality fruits and vegetables
  • Carefully processed and preserved

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