KühBreinMost - Quality made in Austria

The KühbreinHof farm is located in the Upper Mur Valley in Styria, almost 900 meters above sea level. This is an area that is not typically intended for cultivating fruit, making this product assortment all the more special. At the KühbreinHof they have always had a soft spot for cider, which has been produced since 1958. However, if you compare the cider of that time with the exclusive cider of today, only a few similarities can be seen: modern refining technologies and advancing expertise have helped to transform what was then known as a "farmer's drink" into true excellence. Today KühbreinMost stands for modern, high-quality cider made from ancient traditional apple varieties and presented in an extravagant design.

Sorry, the brand KühBreinMost - Quality made in Austria is no longer available.

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