Piatnik Checkpoint Charlie

Who will find the cat spy?

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Which sniffer dog can find the cat spy? Five different secret services monitor the border passage between East and West Berlin with the goal of unmasking the chief spy with their sleuths. It is not an easy undertaking, since the spy knows how to disguise himself almost perfectly.

How to play:
Each player draws a chip with a clue from a bag and places the chip face down in front of them. In every round of the game there is a suspicion phase in which the player whose turn it is, draws a card from the pile of spy cards that is face-down. He shows this to the other agents. Then he checks whether the cat shown on the card has the same feature as on the chip that was pulled from the bag at the beginning. If it matches, it is considered suspicious and is placed face up in front of the player so that everyone can see it.

In the course of the five rounds of the game, more and more clues to the identity of the spy are found. By cleverly combining clues, the players get closer and closer to finding the cat spy. In the evaluation phase of each game round, the players receive points for correctly recognized characteristics of the spy. The winner is the one who has ten points first or the most points after five rounds.

  • Age: 10 & up
  • Players: 3 - 5 players
  • Duration: 30 minutes
Brand: Piatnik
Province : Vienna
Product Types: Toys & Games

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