Austria Mozartkugeln - Fine chocolate pralines with marzipan

A sweet symphony of flavours

Austria Mozartkugeln offers exclusive chocolate pralines filled with fine nougat and aromatic marzipan. Real Austrian flavour that is much appreciated as a gift.

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Austria Mozartkugeln - the Mozartkugel chocolate praline was created in 1890 in Salzburg, the city where Mozart was born. The fine confectionery with its varied tastes and flavours brings to mind his multi-faceted, beautiful musical compositions.

Mozartkugel chocolate pralines:

  • Are made with Fair Trade cocoa (since 2020)
  • With fine nougat at the core
  • A generous layer of aromatic marzipan surrounds the nougat core
  • Dipped in dark chocolate made with cocoa beans roasted in-house

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