The 3 Best Recipes For Apricot Dumplings

There are many recipes to make traditional apricot dumplings. From dough made with smooth cottage cheese, potatoes or the special choux pastry dough, apricot dumplings in all shapes and varieties are simply delicious!

Land of Rivers - Austria's Water

Splish splash! The temperatures are rising and you long to take a dip in a cool, refreshing lake? At the start of the summer season, we reveal exciting facts about water, the elixir of life.

Better 4 You - My Special Way by Kelly's

The term “superfood” is applied to foods that are said to have excellent health benefits. They are touted as miracle cures, promise health, energy and beauty, and sometimes even alleviate health problems.

Kelly's Young & Edgy

With their new snack range "Young and Edgy", Kelly‘s offers even more variety, especially for their younger fans: special cuts, fancy flavours and above all - super crispy. To round it off, Kelly’s Rizzles completes the range with their unique...

Regional Superfoods

Chia, quinoa, acai - we know them as superfoods. These once exotic-sounding foods have since established themselves as a permanent fixture on our menus. But what exactly is a superfood?

3 Tips for the Perfect Picnic

The days are getting warmer and the temptation to relax on a grassy meadow on a warm sunny day is irresistible. What could be better than having a picnic basket next to you filled to the brim with Austrian delicacies?