Specialties from the Styrian Vulkanland Region

Specialties from the Styrian Vulkanland Region

The Styrian Vulkanland is found in Stryia's volcanic region and has a lot to offer, from numerous vineyards and beautiful cycling paths to culinary highlights! The Vulkanland offers lots of attractions for athletes and hikers, but gourmets will also feel at home in this part of Styria! Here's a few tips for foods you really need to try!

Interesting facts about the Vulkanland

The multifaceted volcanic region of southern Styria extends over 31 communities. The name "Vulkanland", references the numerous volcanoes were active here two million years ago! The soil is particularly rich in nutrients due to its volcanic past, making this region particularly attractive for vineyards. The varied landscape of the Vulkanland is also ideal for taking relaxing bike rides, making it a popular destination for weekend adventures!

Styrian cuisine

The Styrian volcanic region offers countless delicacies served everywhere from classic farm to table restaurants to gourmet settings. Here are four examples of foods you simply have to try!

1. Honig Wurzinger

Honig Wurzinger in Pertlstein produces high-quality organic honey. The different varieties impress with bold flavours - spice up your breakfast routine with one of these yummy honeys! Try the chestnut honey , volkanhonig honey or another one of their great options!

2. Kürbishof Koller

The Koller farm produces traditional pumpkin seed oil, crunchy flavoured pumpkin seeds and other delicacies made from Styrian pumpkins in Fehring. The award-winning pumpkin seed oil is very popular and tastes great on salads and desserts.

3. Vulcano Schinken

The Vulcano family business has been creating savoury pork delicacies for over 20 years. The family values raising their pigs under the best possible conditions, resulting in the tastiest speciality ham products !

4. Zotter Chocolate

Zotter's extraordinary chocolates are famous well beyond the borders of the Vulkanland region. Their more than 300 different types of chocolates are produced fairly, and are lovingly hand made with only organic ingredients. The huge variety of delicious flavours offers something for everyone!

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