Kelly's Young & Edgy

Kelly's Young & Edgy

An eye-catcher on the snack market

The packaging was inspired by trendy street art motifs. The package designs in urban-style graffiti are a special highlight on snack shelves.

Made from 100% Austrian potatoes and 100% Austrian corn grits, of course

Kelly is the only crisps producer in Austria who source 100% of their potatoes from Austria: from around 90 farmers. Each year nearly 27,000 tons of potatoes from surrounding farms are delivered directly to their manufacturing facility in Vienna's 22nd district. And of course, only domestic potatoes are used in their new range too. Production IN Austria WITH domestic potatoes using salt from the Austrian Alps ensures the highest added value in the country. Kelly's RIZZLES, made with 100% Austrian corn grits, offers a non-fried alternative to crisps in the flavours: "Hot Sour Cream Style" and "Cheese Style".

The new Kelly's YOUNG & EDGY snack range consists of:

Kelly's Giants Salted
... offer extra-large ridged potato crisps for a real, full potato taste.
Big waves and big taste.

Kelly's Riffles Salsa & Lime and Sour Cream Spring Onion
... lip-smacking with their classic rippled cut and fresh, piquant seasoning.

Kelly's Rizzles Hot Sour Cream Style and Rizzles Cheese Style
... the alternative to fried crisps made from 100% corn grits.
Sensational entertainment for the palate: no two bites are the same.