Raspberry Rose Fizz - An Aperitif with a Difference!

Raspberry Rose Fizz - An Aperitif with a Difference!

Enchant your guests at your next party with the Raspberry Rose Fizz cocktail. The delightful pink colour, white head of foam and fruity taste make it the perfect aperitif for special occasions.

Raspberry Rose Fizz

- 4cl gin
- 2cl fruit liqueur
- 2cl raspberry syrup
- 2cl lemon juice
- 4cl mineral water
- ice cubes
- 1 egg white or (vegan) 2 tbsp aquafaba

Dried Rose Petals

First "dry shake" all the ingredients (meaning everything except the ice cubes and mineral water) thoroughly.
Then add ice cubes and mix again briefly. Finally add the mineral water.
For the foam: Either beat 1 egg white with a hand mixer until frothy. To make a vegan drink use aquafaba (chickpea water) instead of egg white. Whip up the aquafaba with the hand mixer and you get a similar, often even nicer foam than with an egg white.
Add the foam on the drink and decorate with rose petals as desired.

Surprise and delight your guests with this delicious Raspberry Rose Fizz at your next party! Order the ingredients now and get started!