Natural, Eco-Friendly Products For Clean Laundry

Natural, Eco-Friendly Products For Clean Laundry

Whether it's stubborn stains, grey & discoloured fabric or unpleasant odours - these natural helpers care for laundry in a wide variety of ways. As sustainability is becoming more and more important, consumers are looking for natural, non-polluting products and methods to wash their laundry too. These methods save water, contain no chemicals and are 100% natural!

Organic Soap Nuts

This untreated natural product is currently very popular because they are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional detergents that are effective at removing grease and stains even at low temperatures. Soap nuts contain 15% active cleaning ingredients that are suitable for all types of fabrics. Furthermore, this natural product is an inexpensive option for people with neurodermatitis.

How to use soap nuts: For each cycle, take 6 to 8 soap nuts in a cloth bag and put them along with soiled laundry in the washing machine. Afterwards, the remains of the soap nuts can be composted or disposed of with your household organic waste.

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Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper??? Yes, you read that right! Two natural materials that help remove grey discolouration from clothes. These two natural products have a mechanical effect and remove soap residue and heavy stains from fibres. They are effective even at lower temperatures.

How to use: Add 1 teaspoon of salt and/or ground pepper either in the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine or directly with your soiled laundry. Wash as usual at low temperature.

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This natural product is particularly suitable for light colours and whites because pure lemon juice has a mild bleaching effect and removes stains. Furthermore, lemon juice also leaves clothes smelling fresh and citrusy.

How to use: Add around 200 ml of pure lemon juice along with your laundry to your washing machine and wash as usual. Alternatively, you can pre-soak laundry for up to 12 hours before washing.

Now that you know about a few natural tips and tricks for fresh and clean laundry, try out these sustainable products yourself!