3 easy steps to paradise on your own balcony!

3 easy steps to paradise on your own balcony!

1. Spring cleaning

Yes, we know that this first step is also the least popular, but if you start with the worst then the rest only gets easier! So grab those old flowerpots from last year, wash them out and discard what you no longer need. But keep an eye out for things that you could upcycle and hold on to them. More on that in another article ...

Brush off all the dust and cobwebs from your planters and furniture - a vacuum cleaner will make this quicker. Wipe down your chairs and tables with a damp cloth to remove stubborn dust and stains.

2. Plants

To start with, get yourself a few plants that are heralds of spring! Small frost-proof flowers such as daffodils or hyacinths help you get a quick head start on getting reacquainted with your summer living room.

If you want to harvest your own vegetables this summer, now is the time to plan. How much space do you have and which vegetables or fruits do you want to grow? It is important to note how much sunlight your balcony gets, because sun-loving varieties such as tomatoes and strawberries do not thrive well on shady balconies, unfortunately.

So decide in advance on specific varieties and choose an appropriate container to grow them in. For strawberries and potatoes, for example, we offer vertical planters in our shop. This saves space and you get to harvest more than just a handful!

3. Decor

Now it starts to get really fun: a few candles on the table, a colourful seat cushion on the chair, a garland here or a lantern there, and voilà! your balcony invites you to linger again. If your balcony is covered, posters on the walls in large picture frames help create a cosy atmosphere.

A tip for those who want to move their home office to the balcony on warm days: In summer, sun protection - such as a shade-providing sun sail - can be a real lifesaver!

With these three steps, you can transform your balcony into your personal paradise. By the way, those who start early can enjoy it sooner and longer!

Find all the accessories you need for your balcony in our category “All about the garden”, from seeds to soil, insect protection to decor. So get on with the planning and let's go!