Reach for eco-friendly cleaning products!

Reach for eco-friendly cleaning products!

The difference in the results produced by different cleaning products is negligible nowadays. Really poor cleaning products are rarely available anymore. So when deciding which cleaning product to use, other factors such as those that harm us, nature or the environment, should be taken into consideration.

Many brands promise great results but are full of harsh chemicals. If you knew what they contain and how harmful they really are, you probably wouldn't buy them. Another important point to note is that in most cases we do not need such aggressive products for everyday use as ads would like us to believe.

Do something good for yourself and your family!

Toxic fumes are of course inhaled and absorbed directly through the skin while cleaning. But that's not all - the residues left behind by detergents ensure that we're actually exposed for a lot longer. This means that not only the person who cleans comes into contact with these harmful substances but also everyone else in the home.

Do something good for the environment!

Bear in mind that any cleaning products that are flushed down the drain will also end up in the sewer. The consequences are not only problematic for groundwater, but also for the pipes in your home. Aggressive chemicals often cause seals on pipes to disintegrate faster, leading to leaks.

For makers of eco-friendly products, the packaging is often as important as the contents themselves. These products usually come in reusable or recyclable packaging so that empty containers do not end up in a landfill.

Antibacterial isn't always good

Keywords such as “antibacterial” and “disinfectant” - especially these days - immediately grab our attention and make us feel like we've hit the jackpot when it comes to bathroom cleaners. Unfortunately, the excessive use of such products also leads to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Furthermore, the benefits and effects of such products on our bodies are questionable, which should be reason enough to switch to organic cleaners which usually do not contain such substances.

The Planet Pure and Auela brands offer a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning products for the entire household. Because we want a clean and healthy home along with a clean and healthy environment!