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A chocolate for every day of the year

Josef Zotter, a trained chef and confectioner from Riegersburg in Styria, has been pampering our palates with his extraordinary chocolate creations since 1992. The standard product assortment contains 365 different types of chocolate with new creations peeking in regularly.

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Zotter Chocolate - Fine chocolate made in Austria

Zotter Chocolate was founded by Josef Zotter in Graz when he was 26 years old. His wife, Ulrike, continues to manage the family-run company to this day. With the help of art designer Andreas H. Gratzke, these exquisite chocolate creations are packaged in wrappers featuring gorgeous artwork. Discover exquisite hand-scooped chocolates made in layers with the finest ingredients and fair-trade cocoa!

Special features:

  • Bean-to-bar production
  • Organic, EMAS certified
  • A member of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation)
  • Cocoa beans are sourced from Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Brazil, Belize, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Tanzania, São Tomé and Uganda
  • A HUGE range of chocolate flavours and product lines