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That feels good!

The product packaging bears the image of DIANA, goddess of the hunt, wild animals, fertility and the moon representing strength, astuteness and close affinity to nature. Founded in 1897, it is one of the oldest registered Austrian brands that has established itself over generations. DIANA mit Menthol has not veered far from the original and highly successful formula since 1897.

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Diana mit Menthol - That Feels Good!

Diana mit Menthol was founded by a pharmacist in 1897 who discovered the incredible effects of refining rubbing alcohol with menthol. The well-known logo depicting Diana, the Greek goddess of the hunt symbolises nature and vitality. Discover their range of products such as rubbing alcohol, shower gels, refreshing wipes and sets.

Special features:

  • No chemicals, only natural ingredients
  • Natural rubbing alcohol for rubbing, massaging and for use in compresses
  • Perfect for achy muscles
  • Indispensable in a well-stocked medicine cabinet

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