14.04., The day Gin1404 was created.

1404 Manufacturing GmbH is not only the name of the company and the brand name of the gin, but refers to the birthday of the first Ginrezeptur. They promise that today as on the first day a great deal of manual work is necessary for production. From the careful selection of the best ingredients, which are exclusively of plant origin, to the gentle distillation process, which preserves the fine flavours of the spice mixture. This is how 1404 Manufacturing GmbH understands their craft. This is how the flavour composition of the different gin varieties was created. Distilling takes place in a copper still with the same pioneering spirit and great passion in Styria.

For the production of our gins we only use alcohol from agricultural production. In the first phase, the matched botanicals (spices, herbs, roots) are macerated in alcohol for an exact time to release aromas. In the next step, this mixture is distilled in the distillation bubble and flavours from selected botanicals are released simultaneously in the steam process. Then our gin is allowed to rest before it is diluted and presented as ready to drink gin. Only gins made by this process may be called "London Dry Gin" - a guarantee that no sugar or artificial flavour has subsequently been added.

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