SanoVet, an international family company based in Vienna, produce the best natural feed supplements for horses to support health and performance. The company with 2 decades of experience in meticulous development and production has something for every horse - whether a sport horse, a recreational horse or a retired horse who needs supplemental L-Arginine support in the paddock. Their wide range of the best feed supplements for horses has been highly valued by professionals around the world for many years. Natural feed supplements to support the health and performance of horses!

SanoVet: 22 products


  • SanoVet Power Tonic

    SanoVet Power Tonic

    1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg
    • Electrolytes & Vitamins
    • For quick replacement
    • For nutrient loss due to sweating
  • SanoVet Sano Calm
    • For use before a tournament or during transport
    • Preventive
    • Highly concentrated
  • SanoVet Calm Cubes

    SanoVet Calm Cubes

    2 kg, 800 g
    • For support during stressful situations
    • Before a tournament or during transport
    • For a relaxed day
  • SanoVet Iron Tonic
    • For more endurance in everyday life
    • Can strengthen the condition
    • Ideal for sport horses and broodmares
    • For improved joint metabolism
    • Combination of chondroitin sulfate & glucosamine
    • With collagen hydrolyzate
    • Natural ingredients
    • For normal liver function
    • When the metabolism is very stressed
    • Syrup for higher performance
    • When there is an increased need for nutrients
    • Ideal for sport horses
    • For muscle metabolism
    • Contains L-Lysine & Vitamin E.
    • Highly concentrated
    • Long lasting energy
    • With medium-chain fatty acids
    • Specially refined coconut oil
    • For muscle metabolism
    • Ideal in the development & competition phases
    • Contains L-aspartic acid
    • Contains amino acids
    • Supports muscle building
    • For endurance performances
  • SanoVet Horse Vital Plus

    1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg
    • For bronchi & digestion
    • Natural herbal and plant preparation
    • Carrier: lactose
  • SanoVet Equizym

    1 kg, 3 kg
    • With fermented grasses and herbs
    • Contains lactic acid bacteria
    • In powder form
    • With valuable nucleotides
    • Supports skin and coat
    • Contains sea buckthorn
    • Contains valuable nucleotides
    • With grape seed flour
  • SanoVet E 60,000

    1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg
    • Improves condition
    • Feed supplement for horses
    • Supports the muscles in sport horses
    • For improved joint metabolism
    • Amino acids and vitamins in powder form
    • Contains MSM
    • Highly concentrated biotin
    • With the highest bioavailability
    • Vitamin and trace element mix
    • Herbal mixture for support
    • For bronchi & airways
    • Proven quality
    • High concentration of vitamin E
    • With grape seed powder and hydrolyzed yeast (contains valuable nucleotides)
    • For more rideability and better care for the muscles
    • Crystalline structure
    • Natural mineral mixture
    • Also for dogs and cats
    • Rapid energy boost
    • Convenient oral syringe
    • High quality energy supplier

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