Dr. Ehrenberger Weight Loss Treatment Set

A combination of high-quality plant-based products

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1 month Treatment

The weight-loss treatment set is a combination of the Garchinia Extract Powder and Nettle Extract Capsules.

Nettle Extract Forskolin + Chromium Capsules:
Foskolin extract from stinging nettles is used in these supplements. This extract is especially valued in Ayurvedic tradition.

Garcinia Extract Powder:

  • The Garcinia cambogia fruit, originating from Southeast Asia, resembles the pumpkin and grows on the tamarind tree. It contains a special fruit acid called hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

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Recommended use:

Stinging Nettle Extract Powder Forskolin + Chrome Capsules

  • Take 2 x 2 capsules daily with sufficient fluid.

Garcinia Extract Powder:

  • Stir a slightly heaped teaspoon into liquid 2 times a day and drink about 60 minutes before a meal. We recommend taking it before lunch and dinner.
  • Garcinia has a very strong flavour! We recommend mixing the powder with juice or coconut water.

Important instructions:
Crucial! Take on an empty stomach (at least 3-4 hours after your last meal, depending on what you ate). Please take with balanced meals that contain carbohydrates and protein, so that the satiating effect can optimally develop.

Suitable for diabetics.

Daily intake routine example:

  • Breakfast before 8 o'clock
  • 11 o'clock - take Garcinia extract powder
  • 12 o'clock - lunch
  • 17 o'clock - take Garcinia extract powder
  • 6 pm- dinner
Brand: Dr. Ehrenberger
Product Features: Vegan, Vegetarian
Pharmaceutical form: Capsules
Province : Burgenland, Styria
Product Types: Nutritional Supplements, Treatments

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