Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches from Austria

Have you ever thought about tracking your physical performance in active everyday life or sports? Then the smartwatches by the Smart Alpin brand are just right for you. The brand manufactures various fitness trackers and smartwatches with functions such as heart rate and blood pressure monitoring with an alarm mode. They are perfect for use whether hiking, climbing mountains or skiing. These sporty smartwatches are reliable and super easy to use. Have fun with it!

Smart Alpin: 4 products


  • Smart Alpin Activa

    Smart Alpin Activa, Petrol

    • With 9 different functions
    • For daily life and the outdoors
    • Accessible with a free app
  • Smart Alpin Impuls

    Smart Alpin Impuls, Turquoise

    • For outdoor activities
    • Accessible through a free app
    • Also for normal everyday life
  • Alpinist

    Smart Alpin Alpinist, Red

    • 8 Functions
    • Integrated sleep mode
    • Especially for athletes
  • Smart Alpin Adventurer

    Smart Alpin Adventurer, Black

    • With touch screen
    • Includes several fitness tracking functions
    • Stylish wooden strap

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