Vulcano Vulcano Trio

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A hearty Vulcano trio consisting of

  • Peppered Salami
  • Pork loin
  • Smoked bacon

Enjoy your meal!

Brand: Vulcano
Province : Styria
Product Types: Sausage & Salami


Ingredient Peppered Salami:
148g / 100g pork, salt, black pepper, dextrose, spices (contain mustard), flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate, seasoning, hydrolyzed Pflanzeneinweiß (maize and oilseed rape), antioxidant: ascorbic acid, spice extracts, dye: cochineal, preservatives: sodium nitrite, smoke.

Ingredients smoked bacon:
Pork, unjodiert salt, spices (contain mustard), sugar; Preservative: sodium nitrite, smoke.

Ingredients pork loin:
Pork, unjodiert salt, spices (contain mustard), dextrose, sucrose, preservative sodium nitrite, smoke.

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